Vegan Pittsburgh is an all volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit, which means you can make a tax deductible donation to help promote veganism in Pittsburgh!

Local Resources

Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

501c3 non-profit animal sanctuary

Humane Action Pittsburgh

Organization dedicated to leading animal advocacy through legislative efforts in Western PA

Jewish Veg

Organization dedicated to helping Jewish people embrace plant-based diets as an expression of Jewish values

Justice For Animals

Non-profit organization focused on animal advocacy

Pittsburgh Vegan Festival

Annual indoor event series featuring vegan food, products, local organizations, cultural entertainment, and wellness

Pittsburgh Vegan Meetup

Online social networking portal that facilitates in-person activities and outings based on shared interests

Pittsburgh Vegan Society

501c3 non-profit organization seeking raise awareness of veganism through creative education, nonviolent advocacy, and social connection

Pittsburgh Vegans Facebook Group

Closed Facebook Group for local vegans and those transitioning to veganism to connect, share info, and provide support

Pittsburgh VegFest

Annual outdoor summer festival including vegan food, products, vendors, music, and speakers

Yummy Plants

Vegan lifestyle website and community